Monday, August 31, 2015

Home delivery loans.

Are you are still waiting for your book to turn up in the post?

Delivery times are dependent upon Australia Post. There may be delays of up to 7 days with regular parcel delivery service to both metropolitan and regional locations in Australia.
Distance Education students are guaranteed minimum loans of 28 days and can renew up to 14 days past the due date. You will not be able to renew if there are other requests on the item, your maximum renewal period has been reached or fines exceed $100.


Renew directly from My Library Record in Primo Search or contact the Library on 1800 808 369 or through the Ask a Librarian: Live Chat or Web Form.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Recycled Reading – Exhibition in the HR Gallop Gallery – Wagga Wagga

The Library is proud to have worked with the School of Communication and Creative Industries in the production of the School’s current exhibition, Recycled Reading.

Recycled Reading exhibition at HR Gallop Gallery  -  Photograph: James Farley

The exhibition was conceived by Dr Sue Wood, who was eager to repurpose some of the Library’s de-accessioned items. De-accessioning involves the removal of outdated material from the Library’s collection to make way for new resources that better support the University’s teaching and research priorities. The Library was pleased to donate de-accessioned items as a way of giving second-life to some old books.

Artist: Hayley Hillis  -  Photograph: James Farley
Books are a fascinating source of inspiration both for the way their physical nature impacts upon us (that old book smell is so good they’re making scented candles) and what they mean to us as readers (like the bitter-sweet feeling of finishing a book). The history of the book goes back thousands of years from the first scrawled symbols to the sophisticated publishing processes available today. The physical vessel onto which thoughts and ideas have been writ developed from basic resources such as wood, bronze and plant matter, to more sophisticated materials like papyrus and then parchment. These days books are printed on diverse manufactured materials, including paper, plastic and electronic formats, which can be slipped and shared between readers more efficiently than any other form in history.

Artist: Kerri-Anne Chin  -  Photograph: James Farley
But what of the book as an art form? Many people are familiar with illuminated manuscripts, such as the Book of Kells, and can appreciate rich visual nature of the book. However, the advent of the printed press, growing interest in science from an increasingly literate society, and recognition of artists as creatives rather than craftspeople caused the book to move away from visual to textual (Benton, 2008, p.495). While the printing press may have become the predominate publisher of the text-book, artists continued to publish visual-books.  William Blake's (1757-1827) Songs of innocence and experience (1789-1832) is an example of an artist’s illuminated manuscript.

Artist: Jamie Holcombe  -  Photograph: James Farley
Artist: Padraig McNamara  -  Photograph: James Farley

Post-printing-press, many artists have become interested in transforming textual books into artwork by defacing and deconstructing, cutting and pasting, appropriating and expanding, and sculpting and shaping. Today there are many artists and non-artists alike who seek to repurpose books both as art and for craft projects.

For this exhibition a selection of books were distributed at random to participating SCCI faculty members, whose only brief was to respond in some way to the original content of the book. This led to a wide variety of responses: some books retained their bookish-looks, changing within their skin; some were chopped and changed, transformed into functions and bold statements; and still others transcended their physicality entirely, reminiscent of electronic publishing. The artworks in this exhibition are candid, humorous and thought-provoking responses to the form and content unique to each book, and the Library values this collaboration with SCCI.

Artist: James Farley  -  Photograph: James Farley
Artist: Tim Crutchett  -  Photograph: James Farley
Artist: Sarah Beltrame  -  Photograph: James Farley
Artist: Jacob Raupach  -  Photograph: James Farley
Artist: Damian Candusso  -  Photograph: James Farley
Artist: Chris Orchard  -  Photograph: James Farley

Artist: Belinda Paulovich  -  Photograph: James Farley
Artist: Dr Sam Bowker  -  Photograph: James Farley

Recycled Reading is on display in the HR Gallop Gallery, Building 21, Wagga Wagga, until this Friday 28 August 2015.


Benton, M. L. The book as art. In S. Eliot & J. Rose (Eds.). A companion to the history of the book. Malden, MA: Blackwell.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Your Library at the 2015 CSU Faculty & Division Awards

The CSU Faculty and Division Awards are an annual celebration of excellence and outstanding achievements demonstrated by individuals and teams within each management area of the University. Categories include excellence in performance, leadership, teaching and research.

Earlier this month a number of Library staff were recognised for their outstanding achievements and received awards in ceremonies at Wagga and Bathurst campuses.

1. Division of Library Services

Individual Award for Performance Excellence

Debra Peck - Debra was recognised for her contribution to CSU's Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) 2015 Submission.

Debra Peck (left) receiving her award from Karen Johnson (right) Executive Director Division of Library Services
Carole Gerts - Carole was recognised for her work as Information Services Team Leader.

Team Award for Performance Excellence

Social Media Team - Sarah Beltrame, Cheryl Boulton, William Coombe, Sarah Curran, Janine Friedrich, Annette Goodwin, Lauren Hookham, Toby Mobbs, Andrew Press, Carrol Rogers and Petrina Smith.

Carole Gerts, Vice-Chancellor Professor Andrew Vann and the Library's Social Media Team
The Social Media Team were recognised for their excellent work managing the Library's channels on; Facebook, Twitter, CSUSocial, YouTube and of course, this Blog.

2. Faculty of Education

Individual Award for Teaching Excellence

Carole Gerts - Carole is also an Adjunct Lecturer in the School of Information Studies.

Guiseppe Giovenco (left) and Carole Gerts (right) receiving their awards for Teaching Excellence from Philip Hider (centre) Acting Executive Dean of the Faculty of Education

Read more about all the winners of the 2015 Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Excellence & Faculty and Division Awards.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Children's Book Council of Australia 2015 Book Awards: in your CSU library

Hot of the press: the winners of this year's Children's Book Council (CBC) of Australia Book of the Year Awards:

Older Readers: The Protected (on order)
Older Readers honour books: Nona & Me, The Minnow
Younger Readers: The Cleo Stories The Necklace and the Present
Younger readers honour books: Two Wolves, Withering-by-Sea: a Stella Montgomery Intrigue
Early Childhood: Go to Sleep, Jessie!
Early Childhood Honour books: Scary NightNoni the Pony goes to the Beach
Picture Book of the Year: My Two Blankets 
Picture Book of the Year Honour books: One Minute's Silence, The Stone Lion
Eve Pownall Award for Information Books: - A-Z of Convicts in Van Diemen's Land
Eve Pownall Award for Information Honour books: Tea and Sugar ChristmasAudacity: Stories of Heroic Australians in Wartime

We have many of the other short listed books - see the full list - and check out our display of some the short listed CBC books in the Thurgoona library

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Meet our CSU Port Macquarie Campus Librarian – Adele Miles, who are you?

Hello from me – Adele Miles - at the Port Macquarie campus, where I’ve been providing library services to staff and students for the past few months.

I’m employed here for 2½ days, Mondays, Tuesdays and Friday mornings. I also work as the Library Manager of Port Macquarie Base Hospital, so have some great variety in my working life. While at CSU I work with both the students and the academic staff – sometimes here at this screen, sometimes troubleshooting in Student Central or presenting to class groups, and sometimes working with staff and researchers and their special information requirements.

Adele working with Paramedics lecturer Tania Johnston
At the moment we don’t have a physical library at the Port Macquarie campus – although the local public library across the road does a wonderful job of looking after a core collection of books for us. Luckily for me, and all our staff and students, CSU Library has an excellent online presence with electronic books, journals, databases and training options galore! I must give a big thank you here to all the wonderful library staff in the other campuses who have made me so welcome and made this great job so much easier.

2016 will bring big changes. Port Macquarie’s brand new campus will be completed, including a fabulous library with actual books you can touch and hold. Here’s a fairly recent picture of our newest library – hmm, a little way to go I think…
Staff and internal and distance students can reach me at or on 6582 9380 or 0417 931 642. I’m more than happy to arrange an appointment for one-on-one assistance with journal databases, resource-finding, EndNote, or any particular library-ish issues you might be having.